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Life Without Fear

Fear, Shock and Trauma

When my daughter was a young child, she broke her leg quite badly, while playing outdoors. The surgeon told me it was a complex operation, and he anticipated that he would need to attach a metal pin to the bone. However, the operation was more straightforward than he initially expected, and no pin was required.

Throughout the whole process, people had been praying, and I believe this played a large part in the positive outcome from surgery.

After a few weeks of using a wheelchair, with her leg in a plaster cast, my daughter then received physiotherapy, and had to learn how to walk unaided again.

Unfortunately, after all the shock and trauma of the accident, my daughter became very fearful of walking. Her personality changed from being a happy, outward focused little girl, to being unconfident, and terrified of falling and injuring herself again.

Injury or sickness can shake our self confidence, and significant trauma can be a gateway to fear.

Praying for the Whole Person


At that time, I had been training with my local Healing Rooms, and I was learning how to pray for the whole person, rather than simply addressing the physical symptoms.

There is a verse in the Bible, (2 Timothy 1:7), which says: “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”

One evening, I sat down next to my daughter and spoke this verse over her. I prayed to break the power of shock and trauma, so that fear could no longer have a hold over her. My daughter listened and understood. There were a few tears, as she received the healing.

Life Without Fear

From that day onwards, she regained her confidence, and was very soon walking freely, riding her bicycle, and running around playing, as she had done before the accident.

Fear can creep up on us, steal our confidence, and prevent us from receiving our healing, but I believe God’s love and healing power is infinitely stronger than fear.