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The Gift of Friendship

Every week I meet up for coffee in a local cafe with a small group of friends. We are a diverse group of people, sharing one common thread: each one of us has experiencedimage God’s healing power at work in our lives.

Graham Cooke is quoted as saying: “God heals us 80% of the way. Then he gives us friends.”

Some of my friends have experienced major breakthroughs, in recovering from abuse, mental health issues, or addictions, but they still have to make courageous daily choices to move forwards into a better future.

This is where friendship and community is invaluable, as we support, encourage and pray for one another.

This is a slightly different post today. The following poem was inspired as I sat in the cafe with my wonderful, brave friends, laughing together and sharing stories. I was filled with thankfulness for all that Jesus has done in our lives; for his healing power and love, and for the gift of friendship.


Cheating Death

Tales of scandalous grace

Tumbled from their lips

Filling the cafe

With exuberant laughter


Aborted suicide missions

And cell doors flung wide open

The self destruct buttons

Of addiction

Exchanged for commissions


They talked of angels

And glory dust

And miracles

And the man of sorrows

Praying in the garden


Her breath caught

Momentarily in her throat

Silenced at the

Unspeakable mystery

Of love


Inexpressible joy

Surged into

Rivers of mirth

Inconceivable redemption

Stories flowed


And they laughed

Each one secure

In the certainty

Of a Love

Stronger than death


As the year draws to a close, I want to take a moment to thank each one of you who has stopped by to read or follow this blog, or to offer encouragements.

May you be blessed with loving friends, who understand you, share in your journey, and encourage you to be all that you are destined to be.

May you be blessed with love, peace and joy this Christmas, and a New Year filled with hope.








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Biker Meets Jesus

Attracted by God’s Presence

We set up our “healing prayer” sign at a large community event in the city. This time we had a small caravan, providing a welcoming and comfortable environment for people to receive prayer.

As I stood in the sunshine, leaning my back against the caravan, I became aware that a young man, wearing a leather biker jacket, had wandered across and was standing next to me. He didn’t say a word, but he was smiling, looking very much at ease.

Although the young man’s behaviour seemed very unusual, standing so close to me, without any introductions, it didn’t feel uncomfortable. I was intrigued, and I had a sense that he was being “drawn” to us.

This is not uncommon. Wherever we gather to pray, there is often a marked sense of God’s presence and peace in that location. This sensation can be quite irresistible, and people have told us that they don’t know why they stopped to talk to us; they just “felt drawn.”

imageAn Accident and a Bereavement

I introduced myself and learned that the young man’s name was Chris. When I asked him if he needed any healing, he volunteered that he had an old leg injury from a bike accident, so I invited him to take a seat in the caravan, and called over to one of the guys who was with me, so we could pray with him together.

Chris explained more about the accident that had caused his leg injury. The surgery had been successful, but he still experienced pain at times.

The more Chris talked, the clearer it became that his physical injury wasn’t the main reason he had come along to us for prayer; he needed to talk about much deeper hurts.

He proudly showed us his tattoo, in memory of his Dad, who had been tragically killed. He missed his Dad, and he didn’t appear to have an especially close relationship with his Mom. Although he was on the brink of adulthood, the sadness and loss that he carried made him seem like a small, neglected orphan boy.

As my friend and I listened and prayed, we expressed God’s love to Chris, taking the role of spiritual Dad and Mom for a short while. I believe we were able to provide some important affirmation and nurturing, that had been missing from his life. We prayed for both physical and emotional healing.

Chris seemed to be so receptive to our prayers, and not yet ready to leave the warmth of the caravan. There was still some unfinished business…

Inviting Jesus In

“Would you like to invite Jesus into your life?” Chris immediately said yes, with no hesitation. I led him in a very simple prayer, as he handed his life over to Jesus; we welcomed the Holy Spirit, too, to be his comforter and helper.

Chris had already been in conversation with some christian bikers, who also had a stall at the event. He had a few friends who attended a local church youth service, too, so there were people around him to provide ongoing love and support and teach him more about following Jesus. He was drawn to us that particular day, with such a hunger for God, and ready and willing to embrace new life in Jesus Christ.

One year later, at the same event, I spotted Chris in the crowd and asked him how he was doing. His whole demeanour was much more confident this time, as he smiled and told me he was still following Jesus.