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Can a Tumour Disappear?

Prayer in the Marketplace

Street healing often involves praying for someone briefly, then moving on. In manyimage
instances, I may not see the person again, or find out how they are progressing. But this isn’t always the case…

Terry is an outdoor market trader in my local town, who has been receiving ongoing treatment for cancer. When we first met Terry and his wife, we spent some time getting to know them, asking if there was anything they would like prayer for. They are a friendly, engaging couple, and I quickly warmed to them.


As the conversation moved on, Terry informed us that he was being successfully treated for a type of leukaemia, which was under control; his hospital consultant was also monitoring a small tumour on the kidney, which would be operated on, if it grew larger.

However, Terry was now really scared, as the doctor had found something else. This time, it was a tumour on his lung, which was being investigated further.

Scan Clear

So we prayed, believing God would remove the growth on the lung.

It took a little time for Terry to receive a straight answer from the consultant. I can only imagine the confusion among the medical staff at the hospital, as the scan was clear. No tumour.

Terry was told: “It appears to have resolved itself.” It was suggested to him that maybe it had been a chest infection, which cleared up, and not a tumour, after all.

Had a mistake been made, when the doctor first spotted something on Terry’s lung? Or did the healing power of Jesus cause the tumour to disappear, leaving the medical staff scratching their heads in disbelief?


All I know is, the next time we saw Terry and his wife, they were beaming happily at us. They greeted us, by saying, “Your prayers must have worked!”

News has started to spread on the marketplace grapevine that when we pray, something happens.

As we serve our community in this way, friendships are being established, and we are finding that other market traders are trusting us to pray for them, too.

We continue to pray that the tumour on Terry’s kidney also disappears, and that his whole body is a cancer free zone.



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Dignity Restored

“Can you spare 60p for food?

The question came from a young man, carrying a large rucksack, who was walking past me with his girlfriend and a small dogimage. I was with a couple of friends, and we had spent that afternoon praying for people on the city streets, and were now heading back home.

“We may have something better for you,” I said. We started chatting, and the couple introduced themselves as Martin and Sue. They were homeless and hungry. We bought them lunch; it was just a burger and a drink from a nearby stall, as they couldn’t take their dog inside a cafe.

Downward Spiral

Martin seemed hyperactive, but not from drugs or alcohol; he talked incessantly, with few breaks. I sensed he felt humiliated and ashamed, because of his current position, living on the streets. “I used to have a good job as a plasterer,” he said. “I want to work, but I can’t get a job, living like this.”

Martin’s girlfriend was much quieter, sitting calmly, eating her burger, and breaking off small pieces to feed to the dog at her feet. Their lives had been on a downward spiral, including some time in prison, yet the love between them, the loyalty and companionship they had with one another, were clearly evident.

The constant flow of negative speech from Martin’s mouth was really getting to me now. He was putting himself down, almost apologising for his very existence. Finally, I interrupted him. “Who told you that you were no good? Who spoke all those bad things over you?” I challenged him. It was blunt enough to command his attention. “My Mom. My brother…” He tailed off.

Flicker of Hope

“Well, this isn’t how God sees you. What if I said God cares about you, and he has a good plan for your life, and he wants to restore your dignity?” Those were the words I felt prompted to say, and they did, indeed, stop Martin in his tracks, and I saw the flicker of hope in his eyes.

We asked if we could pray for Martin and Sue, and they agreed. Sue’s hands were chapped and raw, from exposure to the biting cold. I held her hands and prayed, both healing for her hands, and blessing for her future. Then I gave her my gloves, and as she protested a little, I told her I had another pair at home. It wasn’t really about the gloves; it was a simple reminder of her worth, and a small symbol of God’s care and protection.

My friend turned to Martin, placed a hand on his shoulder and began praying. Martin bowed his head slightly, as he received the prayer, and I could visibly see the peace of God fall on him. He looked calm for the first time since our meeting. As my friend was sharing an encouraging prophetic word with Martin, I was getting a nudge from the Holy Spirit to give Martin a hug.

Mother’s Embrace

God was revealing to me something of Martin’s hurt and pain, due to a lack of nurturing. He needed a mother’s hug. Now, I’m not in the habit of hugging strangers on the street, but God was speaking loud and clear to me, so I knew I had to do this.

Initially, Martin looked a little embarrassed. He was unwashed, his clothes were dirty, his hair unkempt, and he knew he didn’t smell clean. He apologised again for being so dirty, and I just smiled and said it didn’t worry me at all.

When I hugged him he didn’t withdraw, but stayed there for a while. I sensed some of ┬áthat hurt and pain being released. Afterwards, his countenance looked different. There was healing power in a mother’s embrace.

As we said our goodbyes, I gave Sue a hug and some final words of encouragement, too. This whole encounter touched me very deeply. It caused me to wonder how many people feel “unclean,” undeserving of even the most basic human touch and affection.


imageDignity Restored?

You don’t have to be physically homeless to feel that way. I wonder how many of us have sometimes felt emotionally or spiritually homeless? And I wonder what it takes for a person’s dignity to be restored?