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Father’s Blessing

Rejection and Fear

As I laid my hands on Julie’s broken leg, praying for physical healing, my heart was filled with compassion, as I sensed the weight of rejection and hurts she had experienced in her life.

Being incapacitated with an injury or illness can cause a person to feel very vulnerable. Losing the independence she was used to, Julie had been forced to rely on the few friends and family members who were willing to help her in practical ways, as she recovered from major surgery to her leg. Most of the time she had felt very alone and unsupported, and fearful about the future.

Julie needed physical healing. But perhaps even more than that, she needed to hear words of affirmation, to be reminded of her value; to be reminded that her life has purpose, that she matters.

She listened intently as I spoke the words that I sensed God gave me to share with her. As I prayed, she felt movement in her leg. There was no evidence of instant healing, but something had certainly happened. I encouraged her not to be fearful; on the contrary, to be hopeful and expectant of good news at her next hospital check up.

Lost Identity

Everywhere I go, I meet people who are hurting. Many of them live outwardly successful lives, yet inwardly they lack confidence. Some have low self esteem, and are plagued with self doubt. Some are more seriously depressed and struggle to believe their lives have meaning.

So many people seem to have lost their identity – or perhaps feel that they never discovered their identity in the first place.


As a mom, I’ve watched in amazement as my children have grown and developed before my eyes. Each child was born with a unique set of character traits and giftings, which can either be positively affirmed and encouraged, or ignored and neglected, or – at worst – even criticised and squashed.

I believe fathers have a special role to play in affirming and blessing their children. This is in no way meant to undermine those of you, like myself, who have been single moms. There is special grace and blessing for lone parents, which I’ve experienced powerfully at times.

There are many reasons why fathers are unable to bless and encourage their children, and this doesn’t have to be due to deliberate neglect. My own father was unable to be there for me as a child, as he suffered a debilitating illness.

This absence of a dad at a critical time in my life caused an insecurity in me, which led me to look for love in unhealthy, dysfunctional relationships. I received emotional healing when I experienced the unconditional love that my Father God has for me, and started upon a journey of discovery into my identity and life’s purpose.

Father’s Blessing

I would like to share the following Father’s Blessing from John Paul Jackson. I pray it encourages you.