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Two Minute Healing



Can I Make a Difference?

She was standing behind me in the queue, as I paid for my newspaper. I heard her mutter something, and I turned around, to see her hopping from foot to foot and holding her back, as if in pain. “Are you okay?” I asked. “Oh, it’s just my back is hurting,” she replied.

As the lady started walking away, I asked her if she would like me to pray for her. “Oh, yes. That would be great…” She hesitated. “But how long will it take? My husband is waiting for me.” She pointed at the man, standing a short distance away, who appeared slightly impatient. I reassured her it would only take two minutes of her time, and we found a small space near the shopping trolleys, away from the main thoroughfare, where the crowds of tourists and weekend shoppers were milling about.

I quickly discovered the lady’s name was Jenny, and in addition to her backache, she also had a number of other issues with her health: pain in her foot from an old injury, ovarian cysts, plus, she suffered with anxiety and panic attacks. Had it been possible to talk a bit longer over coffee, I sensed this lady’s story would come pouring out, but standing here in this busy shopping centre, with Jenny’s husband waiting, I had only two minutes to make a difference.

Peace and Healing 

The back pain was the most immediate problem, so, with Jenny’s permission, I placed my hand on her lower back and prayed very briefly. After a few seconds, I asked her how it felt. She told me the pain had eased, so I prayed again, this time including the other health issues, too, and asking God to bring his peace.

Afterwards, Jenny looked at me and said, “I feel funny all over.” This made me smile, as it’s a common reaction from those who receive prayer. Sometimes people will say they feel calm, relaxed or peaceful. It is simply God touching them with his presence, his love, his peace. It can be a powerful experience, causing people to stop in their tracks, full of surprise and wonder. I checked this out with Jenny, and she confirmed that she felt peaceful.

Before Jenny left to rejoin her husband, she gave me a big hug, and said, “Thank you so much for stopping and praying.”

So often, God shows up for people in the most ordinary circumstances. Though I’ve seen and experienced more dramatic healings and answers to prayer, I never take for granted the privilege of being able to pray for people in these everyday situations. It makes my heart sing every time I see someone’s face light up in delight and surprise, as they encounter a healing touch from Jesus.

It’s Not About Me

Sitting in the hairdressing salon recently, halfway through my appointment, salon gown and towel wrapped round my shoulders, I prayed for my hair stylist, and the pain disappeared from her injured knee. “That’s amazing,” my stylist said, as she walked around, testing out her healing. “You have quite a gift.” I reminded her it’s not about me; it’s Jesus working through me.

God isn’t phased if I only have two minutes to pray, or if I am in a hectic, crowded environment. Neither does it matter how undignified I might appear, praying with my wet hair scraped on top of my head, in the hairdressing salon. Just a regular day in the Kingdom of God.

Please check out the prayer requests page if you would like prayer for healing or any other needs. We would love to pray for you.




2 thoughts on “Two Minute Healing

  1. This is the real deal.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Elias.

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